Pulse IoT Cord & Board

A Higher Level of Intelligence

Give any device an instant upgrade with Pulse IoT. Whether it’s a device in design and development or one already in the field, Pulse IoT solutions let you monitor devices in real-time, generating insights that build your business and increase customer satisfaction.

Pulse IoT Board

Building a Smarter Device

For Devices In The Design Phase

Integrating data mining into a device in the design and development phase is fast and easy with the Pulse IoT Board. The Pulse IoT Board tracks device vitals, utilization, procedural data, and location to a centralized source via a highly secure cloud infrastructure. The data unlocks new business models, enhances your engineering development organization, and arms your team with valuable insights.

  • Unlocks utilization insights
  • Captures procedure data
  • Tracks device location 24/7
  • Enhances product development
  • Transfer data via highly secure, cloud infrastructure
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Pulse IoT Board

Maintenance Made Easy

The Pulse IoT Board enables two-way communication, increases customer service satisfaction and reduces strain on your field force by enabling remote device monitoring and software upgrades.

  • Integrates seamlessly into system computer
  • Enables two-way data communication
  • Streamlines remote maintenance, servicing and product development
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Enables 2-way communication
All-in-One smart technology
Unlock 24/7 location tracking for your device
Pulse IoT Cord

Making An Existing Device Smarter

For Existing Devices

Turn power usage into usable reports with MedShift AI. MedShift's Pulse IoT Cord is powered by MedShift's AI platform and offers many of the same benefits as the Pulse IoT Board. It is a versatile solution that can be easily retrofitted to any power-consuming device. The data unlocks new business models and arms your team with valuable insights.

  • Monitor utilization data
  • Track device location, 24/7
  • Cellular connectivity with real-time reporting
  • Enable pay-per-procedure models
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Data That's Safe and Sound

The Pulse IoT Cord transfers data via a highly secure, cloud infrastructure.

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"MedShift has allowed us to grow and scale our business. It has made our finance and operation teams more efficient while enabling our customers and sales team to place orders in several different ways."
Mike McDonald, CFO/COO, AMP

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