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MedShift’s Velocity has been transformative for us. It has significantly enhanced our efficiency by automating time-consuming manual tasks like commission calculation and financial reconciliation, allowing us to redirect our focus toward strategic growth initiatives.

Mike McDonald

CFO & COO, Aesthetics Management Partners, AMP

MedShift has been my lifeline to business growth.

John Covington

Southern Illinois Rejuvenation Center

MedShift has allowed us to grow and scale our business. It has made our finance and operation teams more efficient while enabling our customers and sales team to place orders in several different ways.

Mike McDonald

CFO & CCO, Aesthetics Management Partners, AMP

MedShift has opened up new markets with high visibility we were not able to obtain.

Tom McDermott

VP Sales North America, Dermalux

With the help of MedShift, we transformed and modernized our business.

Tejas Patel

VP Engineering, Sientra

With the launch of our new multi-functional generator, we have embedded MedShift’s connected device capability into our system. The ability to organize remote firmware and software upgrades along with seeing generator utilization is a tremendous advantage in launching a new product. For our customer users, they receive a report on each procedure that they perform and the parameters used.

Todd Hornsby

Executive Vice President, Apyx Medical

MedShift gave us new direction with world-class service and support.

Tom McDermott,

VP Sales North America, Dermalux

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