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Pulse IoT Board

For Devices In The Design Phase

The MedShift Pulse IoT Board is the all-in-one technology to make existing systems run smarter. The Board integrates seamlessly into the system computer, unlocking a multitude of enhancements, including real-time utilization tracking, precise data location, secure cloud infrastructure, remote software management, two-way communication and sales force enablement.

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Pulse IoT Cord

For Existing Devices

Pulse IoT Cord offers many of the same benefits as the Pulse IoT Board in a versatile solution that can be easily retrofitted to any power-consuming device. The data unlocks new business models and arms your team with valuable insights.

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Velocity unlocks the power of your existing software by automating systems and reducing manual processes. The customizable platform streamlines finance, sales and operations by optimizing payments, ordering, subscriptions, compensation and more.

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Velocity Underwriting

Nothing kills deals like time - time spent waiting for financing, sales documents, pricing and approvals. Velocity Underwriting allows your sales staff to offer, price, and approve device financing right from the client’s office, which lets you expand into new markets.

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"MedShift has allowed us to grow and scale our business. It has made our finance and operation teams more efficient while enabling our customers and sales team to place orders in several different ways."
Mike McDonald, CFO/COO, AMP

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