Sientra - Unifying Technology,  Unlocking Growth

Sientra is a leading medical aesthetics company specializing in silicone breast implants and surgical products. They came to MedShift with a common problem, how could they modernize their existing tech stack in an economical way, building on what was working, replacing only what needed to be replaced.

Business Challenge

Sientra came to MedShift because they needed help unifying their technology. Sientra had grown quickly over time and acquired various technologies to solve different business challenges. Many of their technologies were solving various problems, but nothing was working together, and they lacked a centralized data hub, which caused a lot of manual processing, redundancy and inefficiency.

Our Solution

After a short introductory meeting, MedShift proposed a plan to successfully streamline workflows across sales, fulfillment, finance and regulatory operations by connecting and centralizing their data flow. We also built a tailor-made portal that allowed Sientra’s customers to pay invoices and self-service their accounts.

Our comprehensive solution unlocked:

  • Real-time access for customers to see their account status 
  • Efficiencies in the invoice payment process
  • A seamless and consistent order-building process 
  • Digitized warranty enrollment and tracking 
  • A best-in-class customer service experience
"With the help of MedShift, we transformed and modernized our business."
Tejas Patel, VP Engineering at Sientra

The Results

Through a deep understanding of Sientra’s business, industry, and technology, the MedShift development team helped to transform Sientra’s platform into a modern, efficient, and customer-centric solution that supports and fuels sustained growth.

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