MedShift Launches Cutting-Edge SaaS Solution to Accelerate Sales and Automate Business Operations in a Single Platform

MedShift, a leading medical technology company, today announced the launch of the Velocity Technology Suite, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution designed to revolutionize the way aesthetic businesses operate. This groundbreaking platform seamlessly integrates sales acceleration and business automation to empower organizations of all sizes to streamline their processes, enhance productivity, and drive growth.

MedShift's new SaaS solution is a result of a commitment to helping aesthetic businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape. By combining sales acceleration tools with advanced automation capabilities, Velocity offers a comprehensive suite of features that enable businesses to achieve higher efficiency, improve field sales productivity, and unlock revenue potential.

Key features and benefits of Velocity include:

Commenting on the launch, Joe Gasque, Chief Executive Officer of MedShift, said, "We are excited to introduce Velocity to the market. Our solution represents a significant milestone in empowering businesses to simultaneously achieve sales excellence and operational efficiency. By bringing together sales acceleration and business automation in a single platform, we aim to simplify sales, customer service and finance processes.

To learn more about the Velocity Technology Suite and how it can transform your business, visit

MedShift, a medical technology company founded in 2015 and headquartered in Charlotte, NC, is an emerging leader in the healthcare industry. MedShift is one of the largest and fastest growing solution providers to the aesthetic industry and is differentiated by its technology and software as a service focus. The company brings opportunities to drive growth and scale to medical device manufacturers as well as individual medical providers across various markets, including Dermatology, Gynecology, Plastic Surgery, and MedSpa. MedShift's business is centered around four business lines, Express Specialty Device Subscription, Connected Product (IoT), Velocity Technology Suite (Enterprise Software as a Service), and the MedShift Store, an online marketplace featuring a range of complementary products and services that streamline the complex supply-and-demand landscape of device consumables and injectables. MedShift's mission is to drive business transformation and power sales through the use of modern technology. The company currently has partnered with 25 aesthetic manufacturers and distributors, a portfolio of 80+ devices and over 2,000 active medical providers.

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