Aesthetic Management Partners - Shifting Sales and Customer Experience into High Gear 

Aesthetic Management Partners - Shifting Sales and Customer Experience into High Gear with Velocity

Business Challenge

AMP came to MedShift to transform their operational and financial processes and up-level the customer experience. 
AMP faced challenges in managing high volume orders; managing, documenting and reconciling sales commission processes; and providing a seamless and best-in-class customer experience.

The company’s lack of automated processes and lack of centralized data, were hindering their ability to grow. 

Our Solution

MedShift proposed a plan to revolutionize operations and transform the customer experience, end to end. Using Velocity Software, a proprietary software that plugs into an existing tech stack, MedShift was able to drive efficiency and customer satisfaction through automation.

Our custom solution was designed to:

  • Simplify order-processing workflows 
  • Streamline processes across sales, e-commerce and customer service
  • Automate and optimize the sales commissions process 
  • Centralize and secure data, enabling real-time syncing across systems
"MedShift’s Velocity Software has been transformative for us. It has significantly enhanced our efficiency by automating time-consuming manual tasks like commission calculation and financial reconciliation, allowing us to redirect our focus toward strategic growth initiatives."
Mike McDonald, CFO & COO, Aesthetics Management Partners, AMP

The Results

MedShift’s solution transformed AMP’s business, fueling efficiency and driving rapid growth across their business.

  • Revolutionized business operations
  • Transformed their shipping center into a profit center 
  • Created a fully operational e-commerce store
  • Created commissions calculators and automated the commissioning process
  • Up-leveled the customer experience end-to-end by consolidating and automating order processing workflows
  • Centralized data and enabled real-time data syncing across systems, providing a single source of truth across their various departments
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