Enabling Connectivity, Valuable Data Mining, and Continuous Product Improvement 

Apyx Medical, an advanced energy technology company, is known for its innovative products in surgical markets, including its Helium Plasma Technology products marketed as Renuvion in cosmetic surgery and J-Plasma in the hospital surgical market.

Business Challenge

Before implementing MedShift’s IoT Technology solutions, Apyx faced challenges such as a lack of real-time device usage insights, manual debugging/updating, and a limited understanding of how doctors utilized the generator on a case-by-case basis. With the introduction of MedShift’s IoT solutions, Apyx was able to find a solution to these challenges. Apyx can now see how practices are using the system, case parameters, handpiece usage, and procedure times.

Our Solution

Apyx sought out MedShift’s expertise to achieve several key objectives. Their ultimate goal was to collect comprehensive data on device usage, strengthen their connections with customers/doctors, and provide a seamless solution for remote updates and monitoring. A connected device approach was crucial in building a connection with the end provider, leading Apyx to choose MedShift as their partner.

Implementation Process

MedShift’s quick turnaround time, responsiveness, and speed to market were factors in Apyx’s decision to partner with MedShift. Moreover, MedShift’s ability to seamlessly integrate IoT connectivity into the Apyx One Console, even after the development process had started, demonstrated flexibility and efficiency.

MedShift worked closely with Apyx’s engineering team in Bulgaria throughout the implementation process to understand the scope of requirements. The implementation process involved frequent meetings, communication protocol development (detailing commands and responses for full integration with the system), building out the Pulse Board hardware, prototyping, testing, and a soft and commercial product launch.

Key Features & Benefits of MedShift's IoT Technology

Usage Insights: Before implementing MedShift’s IoT technology solutions, Apyx was unsure of how doctors were using the devices, as they had several different settings on the generator. MedShift’s IoT technology allowed Apyx access to new data and enhanced product development.

Remote Updates: In the past, Apyx had a couple of experiences where they had to update every device they had in the field. Not only was this process time-consuming but also very costly, as service technicians were sent to collect data on USB drives. The introduction of MedShift’s IoT technology addressed these challenges. Now, Apyx has real-time visibility into device usage and the ability to update the entire fleet remotely, thereby streamlining operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Location Tracking: MedShift’s solution allows Apyx to track the location of devices and see their entire fleet around the globe. More importantly, location tracking allows Apyx to see where their devices and physicians are concentrated.

Report Generation: At the end of patient treatment, MedShift collects all of the treatment data from the cloud and bundles the data into a report with all the procedure data for the physician to put in the patient's record in a HIPPA compliant process.

Product Development:  One unintended benefit that came from the deployment of the MedShift’s Pulse IoT was around product development. As the Apyx One was a new product, Apyx engineers were able to see in real-time how the product was operating in the field and were able to debug and solve system errors in a much shorter time frame.

"With the launch of our new multi-functional generator, we have embedded MedShift’s connected device capability into our system. The ability to organize remote firmware and software upgrades along with seeing generator utilization is a tremendous advantage in launching a new product. For our customer users, they receive a report on each procedure that they perform, and the parameters used."
Todd Hornsby, Executive Vice President at Apyx Medical

The Results

MedShift’s IoT platform has played a pivotal role in Apyx’s success by providing connectivity, valuable data, and continuous product improvement. MedShift has successfully launched its IoT platform in the US, and the next steps involve international expansion. Currently, MedShift’s team is working on adjusting treatment reports to accommodate international standards/regulatory environments.

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