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Velocity is a comprehensive order intake platform that seamlessly integrates your existing tech stack, adding vital order-processing automation and syncing data across all systems (Financial/ERP/CRM) in real-time.

Velocity is the plug-in solution that optimizes the process of in-taking, fulfilling, and documenting customer orders. By automating the processes that are crucial to profit and customer satisfaction, it speeds customer onboarding and revenue recognition and allows your staff to focus on growing sales.

  • Reduces manual data entry across finance, operations and sales
  • Automatically reconciles credit cards, payments, and orders with your financial system
  • Onboard customers and place first order in minutes, increasing order-to-cash velocity
  • Easy to use, automated subscription management
  • Manage the shipping process in one comprehensive system
  • Automated shipping-rate shopping maintains competitive pricing and turns shipping into profit center
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A New Era in Commissions

Velocity moves your commission system out of spreadsheets and into the 21st century, bringing clarity and transparency to the commissioning process. Allowing sales to come in from multiple different channels, but ensuring they all go out with the same speed, ease and consistency.

  • Calculates commission automatically and consistently in real-time
  • Allows sales teams and sales management to see their commissions and order histories in real-time
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Innovation Integration

Velocity seamlessly integrates a wide array of the software systems you already use. It painlessly transforms and modernizes your tech stack, streamlining processes so your team can focus on driving sales and financial data.

  • Syncs data across your entire tech stack, pushing sales data automatically to ERP and financial systems
  • Automates shipping through the integrated shipping module allowing your fulfillment teams to work in a single system while integrating with financial, ERP, and shipper/carrier systems
  • Automate communications between internal teams and customers on shipping, packing, labels, and delivery tracking
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"MedShift’s Velocity has been transformative for AMP."
Mike McDonald, CFO/COO, AMP

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