Velocity Underwriting

Expanding Your Horizons

Nothing kills deals like time - time spent waiting for financing, sales documents, pricing and approvals. Velocity Underwriting allows your sales staff to offer, price, and approve device financing right from the customer’s office. Which lets you expand into new markets.

Velocity Underwriting

Minimizing Friction, Maximizing Sales

Velocity Underwriting takes friction out of the sales process, automating key process steps and maximizing deal momentum.

  • Instant pricing quotes
  • Gives your sales reps improved visibility and control, from beginning to end  
  • Quick approvals — as fast as 30 seconds, or up to 24 hours
  • Automated documentation delivery
  • Enables great customer relationships from the start
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Expanding Benefits to Your Customers

Financing a new device through Velocity Underwriting also adds value for your customer. When they lease through MedShift:

  • No hard credit check
  • The lease doesn’t appear on the credit report, maintaining their buying and borrowing capacity
  • No tax and no prepayment penalty
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"MedShift has allowed us to grow and scale our business. It has made our finance and operation teams more efficient while enabling our customers and sales team to place orders in several different ways."
Mike McDonald, CFO/COO, AMP

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